I saw bugs drop dead on the floor all the time...flyflyer when the sky is the limit.

My name is Wai n/a or Joselin Lam. I am from New York City. I am a comic artist, writer, illustrator, web designer, and a graphic designer.

Everyone said if you want it, you must SAY IT ALL.

So enjoy the comic hosted on webfreehosting.

Hire me, if your are interested. Email: flyflyerclub@gmail.com

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I just started this site this month and it is still in the work. 12-25-2017

Chat with me anytime at my blog:

http://rhythmask.blogspot.com/ What is happening with my sites.

https://wailala.wordpress.com/ My wiriting. Draft 1.

http://wai.atwebpages.com/ This site.

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